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An Interior Design and Vintage Furniture Brand based in Jersey City.

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    our ambition

    to make vintage the environmentally conscious choice for a new generation of homeowners by rummaging, digging and bartering on their behalf

    our focus

    to help our clients create homes that tell their own personal stories in unexpected and unusual ways

    our approach

    we feel that every space we design should be as unique as the clients we work with

    our shop

    we source and curate unique furnishings, fittings and fitments that help our clients reflect their attitudes, aspirations and passions in life. click our shop icon above to see our current inventory

    Vintage robot Interior design

    in the end

    we want to bring our clients happiness in the spaces they live in, if they smile when they walk past a piece of our furniture, or feel complete serenity in a space we have designed, our job is done

    our ethos

    our ethos

    We love to decorate spaces that interpret our client’s personal story or context. We see our clients’ projects as more of a communication challenge than a decoration brief. We're interested in what we can help them say about the lives they've lived.

    Once ideas start to form, we simply add a bit of design irreverence and savvy, along with some lateral creative thinking, to come up with design themes and concepts.


    our services

    our services

     - Interior decoration 

     - Bespoke sourcing of vintage

    furniture, fittings and fitments

     - Consultation on home renovation

     - Staging of properties

     - Event organization and planning

     - Interior design for holiday preparation


    our shop

    our shop

    Sourcing and selling vintage items is important to us.

    We feel enough wonderful furniture has already been created in this world, and where possible the responsible thing to do is evolve or repurpose it.

    Click on our shop icon, if you don’t see a piece that meets your needs, we are happy to source specific items for our clients, so please email or call.


    call/text: +1 (917) 310 8291

    our family

    our family

    The business was founded by a Brit, David Sharrod. He gained a degree in design, then spent 25 years working in advertising. He came to  the realization that interior design was his calling, when trying to hire designers for his apartment.

    He was unable to find anyone that went beyond the usual homogenous choices or thought differently about the process.  He yearned for someone to surprise him and offer a unique approach.

    modern barn

    modern barn

    'Forest Hill'

    Recently, I was lucky enough to create the interiors and spaces of my own home in the Catskills, I worked alongside the architect Karl Wasner at Modern Catskills.

    The house was built to reflect the intersection of industrial design and Farmhouse chic. Despite this grandiose description, it was created with one thing in mind, to be a home, where people can come together and immediately discover peace of both mind and soul.




    Through conversation, we discovered our client needed a sanctuary, a place to read and forget about the stress of day-to-day work. We ended up redefining her living space and creating a bespoke library that played into the heritage of the building and created a very practical storage area that was 18ft high. 

    "This space now makes me smile and I spend hours in it everyday. This was simply something I would never have dreamed of doing"

    lake house

    lake house


    A client bought and refurbished a wonderful lakeside property in Connecticut. They felt the end result was too homogeneous and didn’t tell their story. We spent time getting to know the couple, then evolved the colour palette, sourced vintage items for all living areas, and helped them display some wonderful images from their travels. 

    "David did an exceptional job with our lake house. He invested the time to understand the aesthetic for which we were looking.  He enhanced our ideas with great inspiration and found fitting, unique pieces to complete our home.”"

    'bollywood' In a barn

    'bollywood' In a barn

    'Bellwood Barn'

    We organised a wedding for an Indian bride who wanted to get married upstate in a barn. This cultural mash up resulted in Bollywood in a Barn. 

    Over 120 guests were fed with Indian street food and entertained by an sitar player, human beat-box artist and a famous indian new york dj


    Curate & Crate 

    50 Dey Street

    Jersey City 



    Contact: 917 310 8291